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 NEWS NEWS How to correctly select the cooling tower packing material? Dongguan Ling electric cooling equipment Co., Ltd. to tell you
How to correctly select the cooling tower packing material? Dongguan Ling electric cooling equipment Co., Ltd. to tell you
DATE:2017-03-16 14:11:53
Glass steel cooling tower is an important part of the cooling tower, cooling tower is a key component of heat exchange, directly related to the cooling effect of the level, quality and function determines the cooling capacity of the cooling tower in a large extent, according to the survey, the cooling of the whole tower filler cooling from 60% to 70%. It is usually made of corrugated plate made of PVC uneven, good hydrophilic properties, which form the water film and water droplets on the packing, instead of water, enhance the moisture exchange area, prolong water exchange time, ensure the cooling effect.
Among them, the characteristics of S shape corrugated glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower packing are light weight, high strength, good flame retardant performance, corrosion resistance, advanced design, small ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilicity, large contact area and so on. Six corner honeycomb cooling tower packing is made of polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene water spray sheet, which is made of honeycomb glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower packing. The glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower packing is suitable for the precipitation process of water supply and drainage treatment, and has the advantages of wide application range, good sedimentation effect, small occupation area, etc..
The packing material of the cooling tower is divided into two kinds: PVC cooling tower packing and PP cooling tower packing
Cooling tower packing shape classification: S shape wave cooling tower packing

Cooling tower packing should be how to choose?

1 should be based on the type of cooling tower, cooling tasks, the quality of circulating cooling water; design operating conditions and other conditions, select good stiffness, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, with flame retardant properties of the filler.
The counter flow cooling tower should be made of thin film or drop film type; cross flow cooling tower should be compared to the film type, drip film, drip type packing and tower height.
2 should be selected according to the inlet water temperature T1 flame retardant (oxygen index 30 ~ 40), temperature resistance of different fillers:
T1 is less than or equal to 45 DEG C, should choose pvc;
T1 is less than or equal to 55 DEG C, should choose a modified polyvinyl chloride;
T1 is less than or equal to 60 DEG C, suitable for glass fiber reinforced polyester.
3 cold areas, packing materials should be based on the lowest monthly average temperature in the region, the selection of the corresponding cold resistant filler, the lowest monthly average temperature of less than 8 degrees Celsius region should choose cold resistant filler.
4 when the suspended substance of the cooling water is less than 20mg/L, it is advisable to use the film packing. When the suspended substance of the cooling water is greater than 50mg/L, it is appropriate to use the drip or drop film packing.
5 the thermal characteristics and resistance characteristics of the filler should be combined with the comprehensive evaluation of the characteristics of the fan. On the film type filler, when the same piece of film and film height and the combination of different, should be calculated, when the design temperature difference is large, it is necessary to select the larger film.
6 when the filler block directly supported in support of small beam support beam should be adopted in width, structure and small ventilation resistance, the beam distance should be matched with the optimal size of filler blocks simply supported. When the supporting plate type, grid plate simply supported span design and supporting beam span should be consistent, the corrosion resistance of steel plate should be matched with the packing.
7 when the packing installation method is used, there should be some measures to prevent the packing from shaking.
1 water filling should be assembled according to the design and installation requirements. The design length of the molding piece is generally divided into 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0M of the four specifications, for different engineering design. Taking into account the convenience of installation and maintenance, each unit should not be more than 0.5M3.
2 when the filling of water is used in the form of binding, it should be carried out on a flat surface. The ambient temperature of the site shall not be less than 5 DEG C. Install a group must be immediately with flat steel plate pressure, prevent warping and forming itself in degumming, binder drying consolidation before move on flat ground, height not more than 2M. to prevent long-term exposure.
3 should be based on the layout of the tower layout, planned to cut small pieces of filler filled with irregular voids. Between the assembly blocks should be pressed to fill. Packing and tower wall, shaft, column beam should also be squeezed to fill, the maximum gap shall not exceed 20MM.
4 installation should pay attention to the direction of the assembly block up and down, the top surface of each layer should be laid flat, to clean up the layers, there should be no debris blockage.
5 installation, maintenance and other work needs to be filled in the work, must be placed on a flat plate, is strictly prohibited direct stampede.
6 in the process of construction, assembly and installation, it is forbidden to carry out welding work on the top of the filler.
7 should be responsible for the installation of personnel, strict organization, inspection at any time to ensure the installation quality.
PVC material and PP material characteristics
Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polypropylene (PP)
Features: good chemical stability, good flame retardant, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent corrosion.
Suitable temperature 35 DEG C to 80 C
Oxygen index: 30
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